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A Paper towel holder is typically used in the kitchen or bathroom to hold paper towels.


Paper Towel Holder

Paper Towel Holder










towel racks aren’t just limited to the kitchen or are used to store rolls of paper towels. As helpful as that is, because of the diversity of forms they take (freestanding, hanging from the wall), they can assist in creatively and cleanly organizing a few items around the rooms of your house.

Because of their larger size of paper and effective water and oil absorption, paper towels are becoming more and more popular.

Some folks may always be observed using it in the kitchen. However, some specialists today advise utilizing it in the restroom. Therefore, if you want to utilize paper towels in your bathroom, you’ll need a paper towel holder. And if you’re wondering how to select the greatest paper towel holder for the bathroom, here are some helpful suggestions!

Some professionals advise using paper towel rolls in the Toilet Yet why?

The causes are as follows:

They guard against contamination, particularly in the guest bathroom. The most popular option for hand drying in many households is hand towels hanging on the towel ring. These hand towels, however, pick up bacteria from your hands after you use them even if they don’t appear as dirty as a rag. And simply rinsing the bacteria with water won’t get rid of them. Therefore, a growing number of homeowners are choosing to utilize paper towel rolls rather than hand towels.

They offer additional comfort. Simply grab a paper towel, dry your hands, and then discard it after each handwashing. The hand towel doesn’t need to be cleaned on a regular basis.

How Should a Paper Towel Holder Be Chosen?

You can choose from a variety of paper towel holders. From the options below, pick the ideal one for your bathroom:

Position or location

Consider where you want the paper towel holder to be placed. The paper towel holder can be mounted on the countertop, the back of the cabinet, or beneath the cabinet. The kind of paper towel holder you select will depend on where it will be positioned.


Its material should also be taken into consideration. The stainless steel version would be ideal as you’ll be using it in your bathroom. Stainless steel performs admirably in terms of waterproofness and corrosion resistance. It has a lengthy working life in the humid and wet bathroom.


If you value aesthetics, you may place a high value on how the paper towel holder appears. Select the option that best suits the design of your bathroom. Additionally, if you don’t want to make holes in the wall or cabinets, avoid purchasing the wall-mounted model.

Best Bathroom Paper Towel Holder

While some paper towel holders are suitable for use in both the kitchen and bathroom, others are only available for that purpose. Let’s examine the best paper towel holder for bathrooms right now.

Toilet Paper Dispenser

In public restrooms, paper towel dispensers are a common sight. Because you won’t touch the equipment while grabbing a sheet of paper, it guarantees cleanliness. So how about using this gadget in your bathroom at home? It will function nicely, particularly in the visitor bathroom.

Chrome Paper Towel Holder That Stands Alone

You can have a free-standing paper tear holder if your countertop is large enough or if you have a vanity storage tower. To assist in tearing the paper sheet with one hand, it has a spring-loaded arm. This type of holder’s drawback is that it would occupy counter space.

Paper Towel Holder for Under Cabinet

Install an under-cabinet paper towel holder if there is a cabinet or shelf close to your bathroom sink. The finest option is the YIGII under-cabinet sticky paper towel holder! It is built of stainless steel and has a shiny appearance that complements most contemporary bathrooms. It can be put together both on the wall and underneath the cabinet.

Display Stand for Paper Towels

Some paper towel racks have a decorative pattern. You can extract paper sheets from the gap, and they have a pretty, colorful shell. If you want a paper towel holder that is both attractive and useful, this is a good option. The main drawback is that changing paper towels might be a hassle.

Several-Use Paper Towel Holder

The multipurpose paper towel holder combines the roles of a storage shelf and a paper towel dispenser. The upper portion serves as a shelf for storage to retain certain washroom accessories. The paper towel rolls are hung from the lowest portion.

Counter Door Paper Towel Holder That Hangs

Paper towel holders are available that you may attach to the back of the counter door. Because you must open the door each time you want to take a sheet of paper, it is not particularly convenient to use.

What to Look for When Installing a Paper Towel Holder Type?


For quick and simple access, a freestanding paper towel holder can be put wherever on your countertop. The disadvantage of a freestanding model is that it is more prone to tip over or slide around on the counter due to its lightweight. Look for features like a weighted base and rubber feet to ensure proper stability.


If you have a small amount of counter space, a wall-mounted paper towel holder is great. Most are simple to install and usually attach to the wall with a few screws. They are available in a variety of forms and may frequently be positioned horizontally or vertically in the optimum spot for your needs. Another option to explore is a larger multi-purpose paper towel holder. Some come with shelves and hooks, making them an all-in-one storage solution.


Unlike a wall-mounted paper towel holder, an under-cabinet paper towel holder is usually more discrete. These low-profile units keep paper towels handy while saving critical counter space. Consider an adhesive-attached model if you don’t want to drill holes in your cabinetry.


Paper towel holders are available in a range of materials such as wood, stainless steel, metal, bamboo, and aluminum. Stainless steel is the most durable option since it resists corrosion and rust, which is especially important if your holder is kept on a countertop and frequently gets wet. Most stainless steel paper towel holders aren’t dishwasher safe, but they’re easy to clean with a cloth and warm water. Plastic, wood, and other metals are less robust, but for the purpose of retaining paper towels, these materials should suffice.

Maintenance is required

Because many versions are made of stainless steel or other metals, they are not dishwasher safe. Wipe off the surface of your paper towel holder with a microfiber cloth dampened with warm water for a quick cleanup. Add a drop of mild dish detergent to the mix for further cleaning power. Many common cleaning chemicals are too strong and abrasive for stainless steel and may cause irreparable harm. Instead, make your own sanitizing and grease-cutting solution with white vinegar and water.


Where should a paper towel holder go?

It’s best to have paper towels within easy reach of the sink. Under a cabinet is one of the easiest places to hang a paper towel holder. Another alternative is to hang it on the wall, but make sure it’s at an accessible height for everyone in your household. A freestanding holder can be placed on any countertop.

Is a paper towel holder required?

A paper towel holder is a more sanitary method of storing paper towels. If you leave the roll on the counter, it will most certainly become dirty and moist. If you dislike unspooled rolls and uneven rips, a holder with a high-tension arm can solve these issues.

What else may a paper towel holder be used for?

Paper towel holders aren’t just for the kitchen. Go ahead and be inventive. Du Bois proposes repurposing paper towel holders to collect clasped necklaces and bracelets. Belts, scarves, caps, and other fashion items can also be stored on the bar.